Wilopark 1, 44263 Dortmund / Postfach (30 06 54, 44236 Dortmund) Professionals Logistik, Materialwirtschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Wirtschaft Bürowesen Maschinenbau Feste Anstellung Wiley BWL You are responsible for the Governance of the group wide GPSCM & Logistics processes and organization.
You analyse, support and optimise group wide Group Purchasing, Supply Chain Management & Logistic concepts, tools and processes.
You lead a small team of international process experts
You report directly to the Senior Vice President of Purchasing, SCM and Logistics

You develop a supply chain target setting, performance management and controlling process incl. development and monitoring of harmonised KPIs and relevant tools in cooperation with Group Controlling and You digitalize and monitor world-wide harmonised KPIs

You govern purchasing policies and processes that meet local and global standards, e.g. Supplier Manual Requirements and Supplier Evaluation.
You support Group Academy in the development of global GPSCML training concept.
You support the definition, implementation and development of GPSCML organisation standards and processes.

You are responsible for the steering of global risk assessment and mitigation actions
You develop and implement the right digital tools for Wilo’s sustainability management within the functional organisation and continuously enhance digital tools for risk management

You ensure that compliance requirements with suppliers and logistic service providers, e.g. conflict materials.
You Support Wilo Group wide organisational projects, e.g. preparation of audits and process map, participation of group-wide guidelines drafting.
You interact regularly with the Europe and Asia team in relation to GPSCM global processes implementation and roll out.

You promote innovation, digitalisation and automation within the functional area.
You lead the S4HANA implementation for the GPSCML organisation, the selection, implementation and roll out of a new digital purchasing system Business Administration Ingenieurwesen Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen 44137 Group Purchasing / Supply Chain / Logistics Governance (f/m/d) Wirtschaftsingenieure Wirtschaftswissenschaften Art (Berufsfeld) Langjährige (> 7 J.) Dortmund <44135> TechnischeLeitung Ingenieur/Techniker Elektrotechnik Maschinen- u. Anlagenbau, Verfahrenstechnik Mehrjährige (3-7 J.) Vollzeit Sonstige k.A. Dortmund Betriebs-/Bereichsleitung You have a university degree in engineering or business management.
You have at least 5 years of experience in purchasing or SCM and leading a dedicated team.
Communication in German and English is no challenge for you.
You like working with KPIs, setting standards and state of the art tools for digitalisation.
You lead your team with team spirit, entrepreneurial mindset and creative benchmark vision.
With your balancing but determined behaviour it is easy for you to bring all stakeholders together. Universitätsstudium Andere Berufsbereiche Industrie / Dienstleister Deutschland Konzerneinkauf Logistiksteuerung Commodity Manager Beschaffung Beschaffungslogistik Beschaffung Lagerwirtschaft Lieferantenmanagement Materialwirtschaft Technischer Einkauf Fachhochschulstudium Elektrotechnik, Elektronik Management, Leitung Elektrotechnik, Energie-, Nachrichtent. Technische Berufe, Ingenieurwesen Einkauf und Beschaffung Einkauf, Beschaffung Lager, Materialwirtsch., SCM Gebiet (Branche) Maschinenbau, Anlagenbau Bereichs-, Abteilungsleiter Englisch Steuerung / Vertrieb Handwerk, Fertigung, Inbetriebnahme Fertigung, Inbetriebn., Qualitätsw.